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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 19, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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twitter. i know you will at jer on fnc. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. hope to see you here next week. a fox news alert. chechen islamists with a new threat on the winter olympics in russia. welcome to "america's nuss headquarters." a new video threatening security days away in the games in sochi. 234 it are the two alleged homicide bombers who recently attacked a train station and a trolley killing 34 people and injuring dozens more. it is about 400 miles away from the games itself. the two islamists talk about a surprise package for the olympic spectators, but they do not give specifics about an attack. well now the intelligence community is assessing the video's credibility. >> i think the threats are
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real. they basically called for attacks on the olympics. i think you will see attempts to do that. i think it is more likely the attacks will probably happen outside of the perimeter and more soft targets, transportation modes, if you will. i am meeting with a command and control of operations down there in sochi, leaving tomorrow. we have 15,000 americans traveling to sochi for the olympics. i want to do everything i can to make sure it is a safe and successful olympic. >> well, the u.s. department of state is now issuing a travel advisory to americans heading to the games. >> new information on that deadly taliban attack in of afghanistan that killed at least 21 people including three americans. hundreds of afghans gathering today outside the restaurant in kabul where it happened. they are protesting against the violence. the american victims identified as dr. alexzander
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peterson and the american university in afghanistan and 27-year-old lexy camerman who worked at the university. and a somali american uni cree f worker. mixed reactions for the big nsa overhaul. changes include restricting access to restored telephone records. in the meantime, there are new concerns that edward snowden may have had some foreign help stealing the information that sparked the surveillance controversy last year. steve centanni joins us. what kind of reaction is the president getting to these changes in the nsa surveillance program? >> some say he did the right thing. others say he didn't go far enough. the president in his speech on friday did say the gathering of phone records did continue, but it would undergo more judicial review and the data might be stored by a third party and not the federal
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government. the opinion is divided on the need for the surveillance program even among democrats. >> new terrorists arey menching. are emerging. actually a new level of viciousness. i think we need to be prepared. >> we can be effective in protecting our country, but we don't need to collect every single phone record of every single american on every single day. >> the president wants input from the attorney general and inat-- intelligence officials on how best to store the data. >> how about that snowden had help from russia in stealing the nsa secrets? >> some suggested he did have the help and it came from russia as he scooped up the documents from the nsa. the chairman of the intelligence house committee says some of the things snowden did were beyond his technical capabilities. and he hints the russian security service played a role. >> i believe there are
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questions to be answered there. i don't think it was a gee whiz lucky vent he ended up in moscow under the handling of the fsb. >> now, was snowden's disclosure of secret documents the topic of debate. >> thank you. >> you bet. we are hearing about yet another obamacare delay. the "new york times" reporting the administration is postponing what is known as the equal coverage mandate. it prohibits employers from offering better benefits to top executives than other lesser compensated employees. peter doocy has more from washington. >> the latest delay associated with the affordable care act is to a provision that basically levels the playing field and requires business owners to offer the same benefits to those who push a broom they offer to those with a seat in the boardroom. it was a provision supposed to kick in after the aca was signed into law in 2010, but
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has been delayed until at least next year, the "new york times" reports, because the irs has not figured out who counts as highly compensated. republicans can't figure out why the white house keeps changing the law on its own. >> and here once again we have an administration that one more time without consulting congress, without legislative changes is altering their signature piece of legislation, obamacare, the affordable care act. >> here is how the treasury department explains the delay. quote, form the first time all group health plans will be prohibited from offering coverage to their highest paid employees. the departments of hhs, labor and the treasury are working on rules that will implement the requirement of the aca taking into account public comments that were previously requested. just 71 days from now open enrollment ends so people without coverage will face a fine. but the "wall street journal" says most of the 2.2 sign ups so far are enrolling because
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their other plans were canceled and only 11% were uninsured before the a a ca kicked in. greg? >> peter doocy in washington, thanks. another item on the list of things that are getting obamacare users fired up, muscular dystrophy muscular dystrophy's -- muscular maryland's hotline is sending callers to a pottery store instead of the call center. the website listing an incorrect 800-number as customers look for an insurance provider. no word on when the problem will be fixed. the search is intensifying for the "wall street journal" reporter who vanished more than a week ago. david bird went out for what was supposed to be a brief walk near his north new jersey home. he has not been seen since then. he is also a liver transplant recipient and his family says he needs his medication twice a day, but he didn't take it with him. we go now live to the new york city newsroom with more on this mystery. >> she described by his family as witty, athletic, funny and
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a family man. he is a tri-athlete, a boy scout troop leader and an of a a individual hiker which is why his disappearance last saturday is such a mystery. eight days ago david and his wife, nancy, were putting away christmas decorations in their home when at about 4:30 p.m. david put on his red jacket and told his wife he wanted to take a quick walk before it rained. two hours later there was no sign of david. he has been missing ever since. hundreds of volunteers though are taking part in around the clock search for david. police are using helicopters, horses, atv's and divers in the pay mosaic river. the search is concentrated on a wooded area and other nearby routes that david was known to walk or hike. people have been known to get lost in the area. >> we suspect the individual may have went out on the ice at a some point at night and fell through. using the camera we probed
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through to see if he was lodged underneath it. >> david received a liver transplant nine years ago and takes medication. he didn't take his cell phone or medications with him when he left. >> we are devastated. we are desperate. we are heart broken. we are in agony. we just want david back home. >> now one thing to note, there has been unsubstantiated reports that a a credit card belonging to david was used in mexico and officials did not confirm that. david covers energy markets at the "wall street journal" and the father of a two children ages 9 and 16. greg? >> brian yennis, thank you so much. an indiana highway has reopened after an accident. two trucks slam need a third truck which burst into flames.
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between 20 to 30 cars were involved shutting down the highway for four hours. four people hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. icy road conditions are being blamed for the crash. new concerns about identity theft after target's recent data breech and new threats to retailers. how vulnerable is our personal information? we will look at tips to guard yourself right after the break.
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we are now learning who may have been the mastermind of the target security breech. they say a 17-year-old russian boy may have created the software allowing hackers to steal information on tens of millions of target customers before christmas. the boy reportedly sold his creation for roughly $2,000.
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and now after target's recent data breech there is concern that scammers may be taking advantage of the situation using a legitimate e-mail sent by target to steal even more of your information. in the meantime, as tax season approaches a new report is out that tax refund identity theft complaints have jumped big time. let's bring in brenda but neither anchor of "bulls and bears." so the target e-mail is legit, but the scammers are appropriating that letter to victimize the victims all over again. >> and everybody is suspicious of it. i got one. i didn't shop at target during that time. in fact, people who -- whose personal identity was stolen and personal information who was stolen it may have been years ago they shopped at target. scammers can get uh hold of this e-mail list and they can send fishing e-mails to those
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people saying they are from target and they can send hidden viruses. it is a big mess. >> and they created software apparently to try to elicit more information from the victims. >> absolutely. anytime that you -- it has happened to me. i had viruses on my computer. anytime you get an e-mail that says, well, you won $100,000 or here is some great auto insurance. just click on this. even if it looks official, don't do it. >> what should people do? >> basically i mean, you can still shop at target. they are having problems, but never give out your social security number. don't give out your e-mail. whether you at target, just ask. >> but people want to take advantage of what target is now offering as compensation which is the credit monitoring programs. it can be costly. you get it for free through target, but you don't want to put yourself at risk.
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>> people say why do i want to go to target when they had these problems for my credit report. you can get a free credit report every 12 months. and you should check that. there is also credit which is a free service. you don't have to go through target. >> i want to switch to the others. i was astonished that tax refund identity theft jumped from 15% to a whooping 43%. the irs has stopped some 14.6 million suspicious returns with about $50 billion in fraudulent refunds. this is a huge, huge problem. >> yeah. in 2010 it was only 250 million they had to stop. and a big reason war e filing. people get your social security number and they e file before you can do it and they get your refund and that's it. >> sent to them and not to your address. >> yes. >> so we put together a list
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of tips. let's step our way through these. first of all, file early. that helps. use secure internet connections to file electronically. >> never go to a wi-fi that is not secure. that's not the way to do it. >> snail mail may be the best way. >> absolutely. you may not get your refund as quickly, but you get it which is better than having somebody else. >> and shred copies of the tax returns and the drafts and the memos in which you get them. they will not identify you. >> it can look totally official and they will contact you by mail. the irs added 3,000 people, but it takes about 6 to 10 months to resolve. you are not going to get your refund. i mean it is still a
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problem -- the irs has some problems. >> big problems. brenda but neither, thank you. >> you can cap her every saturday morning here on the fox news clam. . >> immigration reform and national security debates have held lawmakers focused, but the looming immigration overhaul could become a make or break topic for the 113rd congress. we will look ahead.
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dominating the sunday shows. but there is another topic that could make all of the difference for democrats keeping or republicans gaining
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control of congress after the mid-term elections. it is immigration reform. david hawk nie gs writes, thanks for the sky high expectations after the 2012 results and created a sweet spot. the 113th congress who will be remembered more than anything else as a time when immigration policy did or did not get revamped for the first time in a generation. david hawking joins us. >> speaker boehner hired a well-known expert on immigration . so it would appear that he is very serious about tackling that this year. politically in an election year can republicans afford not to embrace em gracious reform -- immigration reform? >> i think that's the number one question. i think speaker boehner thinks not. most of the top deputies
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think not. the community chairman thinks not. there are still a bulk of republicans, the majority of members of the house republican caucus who -- who aren't thinking of the future of the party, their own election and this is not the issue that resonates do -- doing an over haul is not what resonates. so the speaker has got a big sales job ahead of him in trying to persuade most of the republicans to put the future of the party ahead of their own. >> that is a majority you say of the gop caucus taking a firm stance saying halfway to citizenship is nothing more than amnesty? >> i think it is a majority. at most what will happen if they do reach a deal is speaker boehner will have to bend the so called rule we talked about so many times,
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you and others on this air, and he will have to pass with a minority of the majority and mostly democratic votes. >> where do you envision the president compromising especially on citizenship. >> it has become clear and as i wrote about in the piece you quoted a second ago, the outlines of the deal are getting pretty clear. the president would have to back off his previous demand of getting a path to citizenship for all 11 or even 12 million people now who are in the country illegally, and the republicans would have to come up from 0. there is a path and some of the house republicans are talking about it to get to the halfway point. the halfway point could come in if people who are in the country illegally and had family members who were legal and long-standing jobs who
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were allowed to apply for green cards. if they are allowed to apply for green cards that would put them on a path to citizenship and if the republicans allowed -- what they wouldn't allow two years ago the dreamer legislation to put on a path to citizenship, people who were brought into the country as youngsters illegally by their parents. that would get you about halfway there. that seems to be the sweet spot here. >> you do have other variables and border security treatment and guest workers and visas and so on. one large comprehensive bill or are we looking at several individual bills on a piecemeal basis. we are looking at the latter. the republican leadership is working on the set of principals that they are going to take to their members probably at the retreat that the house republicans are going to be having in the coming week. they will be taking a retreat. they will be talking about these principals. we are pretty confident that one of those principals would be not the sort of sweeping
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legislation that the senate passed last year that combined as you said border security, high-tech visas, guest workers and the citizenship into one big bill. the house republicans are wary of that. they are wary of being put into a negotiation where that becomes the starting p oi nt. they are insisting on several bills. that's one thing that could be a make or break thing. it sounds like process and boring process and civics class process, but it is important to the republicans it be a piecemeal approach. >> what is the timetable on this thing? the first six months? the latter half of the year? >> i think it is the latter half of the year for one simple reason. if there is going to be a block of house republicans who are going to be willing to go for this, that block will feel willing to go for this after their primaries or after the so-called filing deadlines and the state let them know whether they will have intense
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primary competition or worrisome competition. by about may, the filing deadline will have passed in most of the states. the big sun belt states, florida, texas, california where we think the republicans who would support an immigration overhaul come from. so after may if those people feel politically at ease they will feel something moving. it could be happening really as late as september. some people are even talking about doing this in a lame duck session after the election. that's the only time politically where this sweet spot would happen. >> hanks etch have. great piece. thank you. >> and that's it for me. "a healthy you" and carol alt is next.
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welcome to "a healthy you." i'm carol alt. i have a quiz for you. which of the following foods has fat in it? american avocados or french fries? give up? you know the answer. it is all of them. it is just some fats are better than others. today we have an expert to help explain which fats are bad to eat and which are actually essential for maintaining good health. plus, you've probably seen the commercials for the ab carver pro. it is the agents ball that is supposed to help us get the washboard abs. the creator of the ab carver pro is here to convince me that his product really works. we'll


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